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Northern Roots North American Hockey Schools are located throughout Canada and the United States. Each year our programs expand and multiply as the demand for our world class coaching and mentorship programs increase. Northern Roots has a mission to provide dynamic and challenging programs that are uniquely designed to elicit passion for the game of hockey, and to engage and motivate each individual to strive to improve to the best of their abilities.

North American Hockey Schools typically run for five consecutive days, Monday through Friday, with morning and afternoon on- and off-ice sessions that are creative, challenging, competitive, and fun. On-ice sessions focus on power skating, goalie specific training, puck skills, 1-on-1 competitions, small area games, and full ice scrimmages. Off-ice sessions focus on plyometrics, sprints, agility and core training. In addition, off-ice sessions focus on competition and sportsmanship while actively participating in such sports as soccer, speedball, whiffle ball, swimming (facility dependent) and/or frisbee. 



Northern Roots International Hockey Schools are located throughout the world. We tailor each international hockey school according to the country we visit and the group we are taking. Each program is dynamic and challenging, uniquely designed to elicit passion for the game of hockey, and to engage and motivate each individual to strive to improve to the best of their abilities. By bringing who we are to what we do, and what we do to who we are, we offer world class coaching and mentoring through this unique cultural exchange. Northern Roots strives to empower all people by fueling their ultimate physical ability and inspiring supreme leadership potential so each individual may achieve greatness. Northern Roots International Hockey Schools provide an amazing opportunity for players to experience new cultures in addition to being exposed to international hockey.  These international schools leave a lasting impression on all who participate. They truly are once in a lifetime trips! 




Elite level mini camps are designed for Bantam or Midget/High School Players looking to take their game to the Junior and College levels. The camps run 2-3 days, either during a weekend or consecutive weeknights. There is 3-4 on ice sessions and one off ice informational session. Head Coaches for each camp will be Junior, Prep School, College and/or Professional Coaches. These coaches will lead the informational sessions and discuss what it takes to get to that level of play. Space at each camp will be limited to run high level, intense, full ice practices designed by the Head Coaches.


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