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"I was looking for a specific Business Coach emphasizing on important Leadership skills from a different perspective. I did consider the environment of professional sports as an ideal example in regards to competition, high pressure and publicity, ambition, team and success orientation. Bob Leslie conducted the last Module of our Global Management Development Program and he “translated” perfectly the Key Success Criteria of successful leadership into concrete measures and behavioral pattern by projecting it on the world of professional hockey. He very quickly related to our diverse international group and started an intensive dialogue which did align our common view on leadership. The most I liked his professional training concept consisting of a specific preparation program beforehand, action-oriented and humorous training execution and his personal review of individual action plans after the training. For me Bob as a person stands for value-based leadership, give and take, self-motivation and customer orientation. He made our event a success. Thanks Bob!" Michael Schmidt, Director Corporate Human Resources Development, Ottobock Health Care GmbH, Duderstadt, Germany

"Once a year we invite all of our presidents from our 40 sections to take a training or Coaching Day. It serves to promote cooperation among the Section Presidents and to address the current treatment of relevant shared issues. The coaching participants experienced the speaker, Bob Leslie, as competent and clear in his statements. He brings his whole personality, peppered with real episodes from his extensive experience as a sport and life coach. Through his down-to-earth demeanor, the “ice” was quickly broken. Especially dealing with the topics of leadership and motivation, Bob is very believable and authentic. He always encourages dialogue and an exchange of ideas. In the preparation of the coaching day, Bob was very flexible and able to respond to specific requests. We wish him continued success."

Rut Verdegaal, BAUKADER SCHWEIZ Leiter Marketing-Kommunikation

"Bob’s leadership coaching skills were instrumental in refining my managerial practices, from staying engaged to being a good listener. Thanks to Bob, I’ve become attuned to asking good questions, listening actively, showing empathy, and providing better feedback to my employees. More importantly, I’ve empowered my employees to be more reflective, set meaningful goals and to take active responsibility for reaching these milestones in creative and novel ways. Bob’s coaching tips are invaluable for both leadership and life."

Ali Ghorashi, Vice President, Operations at Uster Technologies, Inc, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

"When I was in High School I was not focused, my grades were poor and I had no desire to excel and no clarity for my future. I sat with Bob to pick my courses for Grade 12. He shook me up with his comments that I was destined to be a labourer because I had no skills. That was the starting point that molded me to where I am in business today.  He woke me up that day. Some might think that was a harsh thing to say, but I don’t think so. You gave me something that I needed to hear, and I am so thankful for that. It made me assess myself, who I am and who I was going to be. It took me some time to turn things around, but eventually I had a position managing 100 staff and an annual budget of $9 million, to where I am now. Not sure if you ever get thanks from students in your past, but I am a man who gives credit when credit is due. Your words changed my life." 

Jim Hildebrandt, Advisor, Sun Life Financial, Carman, Manitoba, Canada

"Having Bob as both a coach and a manager, it became easy to define a critical aspect of his character. He is an extremely good communicator who has an ability to relate to those around him with ease. One of the most imperative aspects of a coach is being able to relate a message in terms that many different personalities can understand and this is easily a strength that Bob possesses." Sean Blanchard, Professional hockey player, Wolfsburg, German Elite League

"I was the Supervising Principal of Carman Collegiate and Bob Leslie was on my staff. The following are my personal testimonials to his teaching skills. He was very passionate about his work in the school system. Bob had a special way of communicating with his students and, in particular, their individual personal problems. When students were in his charge, they felt comfortable, relaxed and confident. “Nothing in this world is ever accomplished without enthusiasm”. Bob possesses that special gift. Perhaps the most valuable asset of working in education is to “make yourself do, the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not”, this is called self-discipline and was a special characteristic of Bob. He was an outstanding coach for school teams, in particular hockey. He was highly respected by his players and his communication skills were excellent in all areas. Bob developed a mutual respect with his students and his peers and was fully supportive of the goals and objectives of the entire school system."
Frank L. McKinnon, Retired Supervising Principal, Carman Collegiate, Carman, Manitoba



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