Do you ever feel rushed or anxious about planning a hockey practice? Our PDF Manuals and Apps save you countless hours of planning. Following a skills and tactical curriculum we have laid out an entire season of practice plans for you. We know that many of the resources online focus on full ice drills, yet you may very well only get half ice to run your practice! We encourage you to tweak the drills and practices as you see fit. It’s the practice plan template and style that will save you time as a coach, insure that you teach 100′s of skills, and that your players maximize their ice time.


All your hockey practice planning for an entire season is complete with these 48 curriculum based age appropriate practice plans. The manual includes hockey drills and practice plans for busy & newbie hockey coaches of novice to bantam players, house league, & 1/2 ice practices. Each manual comes complete with a full season progression of practice plans, drills, tactics, & skill technique tips. The PDF downloads assist busy coaches in guiding their teams through a season of great drills, improvement, enjoyment, and fun. Hockey Drills contains nearly 200 complete hockey practice plans. Hundreds of drills organized as stations into a full season curriculum for all ages novice to bantam. Skill stations maximize ice time. We have converted our popular Complete Season Practice Manuals into the most comprehensive, curriculum based hockey drills app on the market today.



  • Complete practice plans for an entire season

  • 48 half ice hockey practice plans easily adapted to full ice

  • PDF format: Easy to print or view on iPhone/Smart Phone

  • Age appropriate hockey skill drills, stations, small area games, & team tactics

  • Saves coach time & relieves pressures of a hectic schedule

  • A learning tool to become a better coach

  • Insure consistent, age appropriate skill development and game understanding

  • Let kids explore the game




  • 5 minute skating warm up drill

  • 3 skating and 3 puck skill drills

  • At least one team system drill

  • A small area game

  • Curriculum: 10 hockey skills / month over 6 month season (more than 60 individual skills!)

  • Station based drills maximize ice use

  • Easily adapted to full ice

  • We encourage coaches to add levels of competition and make adjustments to each drill appropriate for their team


As a hockey coach you want to lead a group of passionate, creative, skilled, teachable, and competitive players. ‘Hockey Drills 2: Small Area Games’ is a great resource for hockey coaches to promote this kind of team atmosphere. It’s 26 Small Area Games with tips to set up the drill, rules of the game, key teaching points, and hockey concepts explored in each game. Soccer coaches have been using ‘small sided games’ in practice for decades. We need to move our game forward by encouraging coaches to use more small area games that increase puck touches, simulate game situations, celebrate the chaos of a real game, and make great use of a small portion of the ice.



Goal-tending is a highly technical position and requires attention to detail. Provide your goaltenders the same high quality training as your players. Empower your coaching staff with innovative goal-tending drills and insight. Hockey Goalie Drills App for iOS contains 36 practice plans for goalies of all levels.


Our Northern Roots Complete Season Manuals were completed in partnership with Leslie Global Sports.


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